2006 - 2007
Physiological Demands of Women's Rugby Union...
D. Syrotuik & J. Virr, University of Alberta
Integrating Able-Bodied Athletes in Disability...
N. Spencer-Cavaliere, D. L. Peers, E. J. Watkinson, University of Calgary
Golfer-club Interaction during Swing and Its...
Gongbing Shan, University of Lethbridge
Release Characteristics of the Long Hang Swing...
P. Gervais, University of Alberta
Validation of the Actiheart Monitor for Combined..
P.K. Doyle-Baker, & Allison A. Venner, University of Calgary
The Utility of IGF-I And IGFBP-3 as Markers of...
J.L. Copeland and T.K. Bischler, University of Lethbridge
An Investigation on the Effect of Nutrition Bars..
G.J. Bell, S. Cheetham & V.J. Harber, University of Alberta.
The Validity and Reliability of an On-Ice Maxim...
L. Aaron Tubman & Shane J. Pizzey, University of Calgary
articles 2006 - 2007
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