2008 - 2009
Assessment of Symptoms Following Concussions in Athletes
Mrazik, Lebrun, Naidu, Matthews-White, University of Alberta.
World Class Sprinters' Training and Effective Coach Planning
J. Denison & K. Tyler
Dryland Training and Youth Alpine Ski Racers
PK. Doyle-Baker, JK. Stewart, & AA. Venner
Determining Anaerobic Threshold in Soccer and Rugby Players
G. Bell & A. Game, University of Alberta.
Exploring the Perspectives of Able-Bodied Athle...
N. Spencer-Cavaliere and D. L. Peers, University of Alberta.
Development of a Diagnostic Test of Performance...
D.J. Smith and E. Groves, University of Calgary.
Tae Kwon Do vs. Karate – Biomechanical Charact...
Gongbing Shan, University of Lethbridge
2008 - 2009 Articles
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