Monday Feb 18, 2013

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Julia Alleyne -Master Planning Medical Services at Major Games: A Decade of Olympics


Tuesday Feb 19, 2013

Dr. Vicki Harber - Physical Literacy: The Foundation of Canadian Sport for Life

Dr. Jean Cote -The interplay of practice, play and the environment in the development of athletes

Dr. Jim Denison - Social Theory as an Applied Sports Science Discipline

Dr. Michael Clarfield - Groin Pain in the Athlete

Dr. Greg Gardner - International Program Standards for Athletic Therapists & Athletic Trainers

Mike Steele - AIM Online/

Dr. Jon Hawley -Endurance & Strength Training: Are they incompatible?

Dr. Trent Sterlingwerff -  Nutritional Physiology as an Applied Sports Science Discipline


Wednesday Feb. 20, 2013

Dr. Louise Burke -Nutrition for recovery

Dr. Cliff Mallett -Challenging coaching orthodoxy: A Self-determination theory perspective

Dr. John Hawley - Optimizing muscle mass through nutritional interventions

Dr. Michael Clarfield - Medical Management of a Professional Cycling team

Dr. Connie Lebrun - Considerations for the Female Child Athlete

Dr. Martin Mrazik - Biomechanical Forces of Sport Concussions and Concussion Management

Dr. Glen Bergeron - Highlights of the 4th International Congress (IIHF), Discussion Notes

Dr. Lynn Coleman - Mental Health and Performance in Teams

Dr. Julia Alleyne & Dr. Lynn Coleman - Understanding Mental Health for Performance Enhancement



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