Drugs in Sport

World Anti-Doping Agency

2009 Prohibited List (DOWNLOAD PDF)

2009 Prohibited List – (Summary of Major Modifications (DOWNLOAD PDF)


 Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport

Substance Classification Booklet (January 2009) (DOWNLOAD PDF)

An Athlete’s Guide to Doping Control (December 2008) (DOWNLOAD PDF)

Quick Reference Card February 2007) (DOWNLOAD PDF)

                                                        The 2014 WADA Prohibited List 



True Sport

What is True Sport? True Sport is a social movement powered by people who believe that sport can
transform lives and communities—if we do it right. True Sport members across Canada are committed to
community sport that’s healthy, fair, inclusive, and fun. True Sport members stand together against
cheating, bullying, aggressive parental behaviour, and win-at-all-costs thinking. Click here to learn more
about True Sport Principles.


NSF Certified for Sport™ program
The NSF Certified for Sport™ program can help athletes identify products that have been tested for
purity banned substances, and help minimize the risk of inadvertent doping.

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