Frequently Asked Questions

What are the SMCA courses?  Can anyone take them?

There are various courses available to the public. Click here for information on each course. 

What medical supplies/products are in the First Aid/Therapist’s Kit?

Click here for details on our various kits.

What are the benefits of becoming a Sport Medicine Council of Alberta member?

Click here for SMCA membership benefits.
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How does someone/organization become a member?

Please contact the Sport Medicine Council of Alberta office and we will send you a membership package or click here for an online application process.
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What flyers or resources does the Sport Medicine Council of Alberta have?

Click here for SMCA publications.
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What resources (library resources) does the Sport Medicine Council carry?

The SMCA Resource Library has a variety of sport medicine materials available for loan, including a wide range of videos, slides, flyers, educational packages, manuals, anatomical joint models and wall charts. To download a detailed listing of our resource library, click here.
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How does someone host an educational course?

If your local community, club, school, team or league is interested in upgrading the knowledge of its members, you can host one of the SMCA's courses. Applications to host a course are available from the SMCA office, and are due a minimum of one month prior to the requested date of the course. Once an application to host a course has been submitted, the SMCA will provide an instructor and all course materials. The host is responsible for providing a classroom, slide projector and participants. A minimum number of participants may be required to make the course financially viable for both the host and the SMCA. Please contact the SMCA office for more details on how to host a course.
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What kind of information is in the resource directory?

Now accessible online, the Resource Directory is intended to serve as the source for sport medicine information and related services that are available in Alberta. Users can search the directory by geographic location or by sport medicine profession to find a description of the programs and services offered by various professionals affiliated with the Sport Medicine Council of Alberta. Contact information is provided for each participating sport medicine professional so users can contact them directly. To browse the directory, click here.
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What material is presented in the SMCA manuals?

Click here to check out SMCA manuals and their prices.
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What is in the Sport Medicine Council of Alberta newsletter (Pulse Magazine)?

The SMCA's Pulse magazine provides current information about sport medicine and safety through various articles submitted by top researchers at institutions around the province. Also included are updates on sport medicine activities in Alberta and beyond. Pulse is published three times per year and is distribute throughout the province to all SMCA members.  Read Past Articles
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How does an individual become listed in the Sport Medicine Council of Alberta's Resource Directory?

You can fill out an application form on the resource directory page and submit it to the SMCA upon which it will be reviewed. If we find your application meets our criteria, your information will be posted and available for users to view.
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Does the Sport Medicine Council of Alberta have a price list for all your products and services?

Click here to check out SMCA products and their prices.
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Does the Sport Medicine Council of Alberta have "Athlete Medical Information Cards?"

Yes, the SMCA carries them, and they are $5.00 for nonmembers and $3.50 for members.
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What is the AFA Equivalency Program?

The Athletic First Aid Equivalency Program enables high school and post secondary teachers to instruct their students in athletic first aid and then with successful completion of the program their students are eligible to apply to the SMCA Equivalency Program for their Athletic First Aid Certificate. For more information, visit our AFA equivalency webpage by clicking here.
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Who are the Sport Medicine Council of Alberta Provider Groups?

  • Sport Science Association of Alberta (SSAA)
  • Alberta Society of Sport Medicine (ASSM)
  • Alberta Athletic Therapists Association (AATA)
  • Alberta Section of the Sport Physiotherapy Division (SPD)
  • Sport Nutrition Specialists (SNS)
 Or click here to view detailed descriptions of each group.
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Where can I find information on the SSAA?

Click here for information on the SSAA
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