Fun Walk/Run

(Wednesday Feb. 20, 2013)

Start time: 6:45am (Muster in the Hilton Hotel Lobby) 


Come out and see a piece of Waikiki while strolling or running.  Way not start your day off right with some exercise.  Enjoy the Hawaiian landscape while doing something great for your body.  We have partnered with the the Non profit group the Hawaii Running Project.  Their group will be taking delegates out for a walk/run Hawaiian style. All they ask for is a $2 donation for their organization.

**Please bring $2 to donate the Hawaiian Running Project.**

Brought to you by the:



What is the Hawaii Running Project? An ambitious one-of-a-kind project that will aggressively try to solve many of Hawai’i's health and social problems. A Runner’s Hale (house) will be set up consisting of 5 to 8 athletes who will live and train together. Running and racing, they will lead by example, demonstrating the benefits of a regular running/exercise program and good nutrition. They will develop and implement running programs aimed at some of Hawai’i's more troubling issues which are outlined in HPR’s Vision Statement. The first house, named Kukini Hale, will be located on the island of Oahu. Soon after, the Project will begin branching out to encompass all of Hawai’i.


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