Founded in 1983, and funded by the Albert Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation (now Alberta Sport Connection), the Sport Medicine Council of Alberta (SMCA) was comprised of sport medicine physicians, sport physiotherapists, athletic therapists and sport scientists.  The cooperative function of these individuals is to promote and coordinate the provision of sport medicine programs and services for the Alberta sport community. These professional members provide their services to assist in making Alberta a healthy and safe environment for sport and recreational activities.

The SMCA had four founding Provider groups:

1)    Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine (CASEM) (formally Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine) (CASM)

2)    Sport Science Association of Alberta (SSAA)

The Sport Science Association of Alberta (SSAA) was formed in 1985 as a provincial organization of sport scientists. Sport science is a general term which includes the disciplines of biomechanics, pedagogy, psychology, exercise physiology, nutrition and sport administration. For more information on the SSAA, please visit their website.

3)    Alberta Athletic Therapists Association (AATA)

4)    Alberta Physiotherapy Association (APA)


   The Sport Medicine Council of Alberta (SMCA) collaborates with a variety of groups that helps support the mission and vision of the SMCA.


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