What is the Equivalency Achievement  Program? 

The Equivalency Achievement  Program enables high school and post-secondary teachers to instruct their students in Athletic Injury Management, Sport Taping & Strapping, and Sport Nutrition Level 1 by providing them with approved Alberta Learning resources, class texts, curriculum's and additional course materials. This program is done in conjunction with Career and Technology Studies (CTS). Upon successful completion of the program students are eligible to apply to the SMCA Equivalency Achievement Program for their achievement of completion.


For teachers wanting to teach Athletic Injury Management, Sport Taping & Strapping, or Sport Nutrition Level 1 we require that the teacher needs to take the course first to receive their certificate of achievement. Course dates can be found here: http://www.sportmedab.ca/courses


Once they have completed the course they are then eligible to teach it to their students. After the students have been taught the course the teacher can email executivedirector@sportmedab.ca  the list of names who completed the course and the certificates can be sent directly to the teacher to be handed out or an address can be provided to us to have them directly mailed to the student.


There are then two ways of payment:

  1.  The school is invoiced for each certificate – which has a cost of $5.00 per certificate. 
  2.  The student fills out their own forms (see PDF forms below) and pays for the certificate themselves. If the student is at a college or university level we require them to purchase a student membership of $15.00.


There is also the ability for the school to purchase manuals for each student. These manuals are a great resource for the students because they provide great visual guides and plenty of space for notes to be taken.


Manual Prices:

  • Athletic Injury Management (AIM) Manual: $35.00 +GST per manual
  • Sport Taping & Strapping (T&S) Manual: $30.00 + GST per manual
  • Sport Nutrition Level 1 (SN): $30.00 + GST per manual
  • Sport Nutrition Level 1 Teachers Guide: $40.00 + GST per manual

If manuals are purchased in quantities of 20+ you will receive them at a bulk rate which is $10.00 dollars taken off the price of each manual.


If your school is interested in this program, you can contact our office @780-415-0812 or send an email to Lindsey: executivedirector@sportmedab.ca


*NOTE* If you are a University Student a $15.00 Student Membership MUST be purchased to receive certification, as well as a $5.00 fee per certificate. 


CTS Pathway: 

Athletic Injury Management: REC1020 - Injury Management 1

Sport Taping & Strapping: REC1030 - Technical Foundations for Injury Management

Sport Nutrition Level 1: REC2010 - Nutrition for Recreation Activities & Sport


If your school is already an approved equivalency school and require student application forms please find them below:



Taping & Strapping Form


Athletic Injury Management Form 


Sport Nutrition Level 1 Form 


PEDS/KIN 240 Certificate Form



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