Loan Policy for Medical Kits

With the help form Alberta Lottery Fund's Community Initutives Program ( SMCA is proud to present upgraded physician and therapist kits available for loan.  Thank you Alberta Lottery Fund for their generous grant!

$ 60.00 + G.S.T./therapist kit/event*
$ 80.00 + G.S.T./physician kit/event*

*plus used/missing supplies
*Event is defined as a maximum of 2 weeks

To borrow kits, fill out the indemnity agreement and the kit rental form and return them to the SMCA office or by email.  Kits are supplied on a first come, first serve basis, so you must reserve kits ahead of time.

Local requests (those from Edmonton, St. Albert and Sherwood Park areas) should pick up the kits from the SMCA office.  Out of town requests will be shipped via courier, at the borrower’s expense.

To return the kits, bring the kits to the SMCA office on or before the due date.  Kits may also be returned via courier, at the borrower’s expense.

Individuals who do not return items on time and without an extension agreement will be charged $10.00/day overdue.

Outstanding accounts over 30 days are subject to an interest charge of 2 % per month (24% per Annum)

Borrowers are responsible for excessive damage to, or loss of borrowed supplies.

The SMCA also has red identification vests available for loan at no cost when borrowed with a medical kit.   Contact the SMCA for more information.

Click here to submit the INDEMNITY AGREEMENT
Click here to submit the KIT RENTAL FORM

Click here for a printable version/more information about the PHYSICIAN KIT RENTAL

Click here for a  printable version/more information about the THERAPIST KIT RENTAL


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