Professionals in Nutrition for Exercise and Sport (PINES) is a United States-based nonprofit organization focused on linking professionals in nutrition, exercise and sport around the globe, thereby enhancing excellence in sport nutrition services provided to athletes and active individuals. 

PINES members reside in more than 30 countries around the world and provide variety and diversity among sport nutrition professionals that is unique to the industry. Rather than replacing national sport nutrition organizations, PINES emphasizes collaboration among existing organization and mentorship for those professionals trying to establish their own national organization. PINES aim is to expand the presence of sport nutritionists and dietitians worldwide.


The mission is to promote the interaction of Nutrition Professionals in Exercise and Sport and the sharing of resources and experiences, so that excellence in sport nutrition be achieved worldwide and to promote optimal performance, health and injury prevention for competitive and recreational athletes around the world through evidence-based nutrition and exercise research, education and practice by qualified nutrition and exercise professionals

The goal of PINES is to make sure athletes worldwide, regardless of country or economic status, will have access to evidenced-based nutrition and exercise education and advice from qualified nutrition and exercise professionals.

Benefits of being a PINES Member:

1. Access to the PINES global network of sports nutrition professionals who can help you with: 

         a)   Locating educational events and conferences world wide.

         b)  Global list of jobs in sport nutrition to advance your career.

         c)   Locating assistance for planning food for teams who travel internationally.

2. Quarterly newsletter which includes: feature articles, supplement contamination watch, and message from PINES President.

3. Access to a library of food and sport images that you can use for any non-commercial purpose.

4. The opportunity to participate in the PINES listserv email group to exchange news, views, and resources with colleagues around the world.

5. PINES email alerts.

6. Resource library with position papers and resources.

7. Other benefits are currently in negotiation, including reduced-cost access to professional journals/articles, member discounts on book purchases and more.



PINES Professional Members

Code of Conduct


To be a health care practitioner requires a life-long commitment to good professional and ethical practices and an overriding dedication to the good of one’s fellow humans and society. Being registered as a health care professional with one’s national Health Professions Council confers one the right and privilege to practice your profession. Consequently health care professionals have moral or ethical duties to others and society.


It is in this spirit that the Professionals in Nutrition for Exercise and Sport (PINES) present the following Code of Conduct principals for its members:

      ·  The PINES member conducts himself/herself with honesty, integrity, and fairness.

      ·  The PINES member practices sport nutrition based on scientific principles and current information.

      ·  The PINES member refrains from voluntarily collaborating professionally with anyone who violates ethical principles.

      ·  The PINES member always regards concern for the best interests or well-being of his/her athlete/client as his/her primary professional duty.

      ·  The PINES member presents substantiated information and interprets controversial information without personal bias, recognizing that legitimate differences of opinion exist.

      ·  The PINES member assumes responsibility and accountability for personal competence in practice, continually striving to increase professional knowledge and skills and to apply them in practice, as well as be willing to educate their colleagues and public on optimal nutrition practices.

      ·  The PINES member is alert to situations that might cause a conflict of interest or have the appearance of a conflict. The PINES member provides full disclosure when a real or potential conflict of interest arises.

      ·  The PINES member maintains his/her professional license, certification or other regulations needed to practice his or her profession.


Becoming a PINES Member:

You must be a member to Sport Medicine Council to become a PINES member. The PINES membership costs $25 and to become a member you must contact SMCA to receive the coupon code for the PINES website to register. There are two different types of memberships: Professional and Associate. The Professional membership is for Sport Nutrition professionals and the Associate membership is for coaches and fitness professionals.


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