We are excited to announce that all courses will be offered at least once a month in both Calgary and Edmonton.  There is a minimum of 8 participants per course in order for the class to be conducted.  If courses do not reach the minimum they will be cancelled and you will have the opportunity to take it the following month. 


Conductor and course evaluations will now be done online.  Conductors will take your email information; you will then be sent an email with the survey to be completed.  Achievement of completion forms will be sent once the survey has been filled out.  In the near future we hope to have the achievement of completion forms attached to the survey so you are able to print off your own form in a more timely manner. 

Register for your SMCA hosted courses.

All course fees include a SMCA membership. SMCA membership gives you 20% off our Sport Medicine supplies.


For more information on hosting a course in your area, please view our Outside Hosted Course page.


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